Stop the Tax on our Date Nights!

Lawmakers in Virginia are considering two bills that would allow counties to raise taxes on restaurants, hotels, and attractions, without the say of voters. 

Don’t Break Our Hearts, Or Our Bank Accounts

If Virginia really is for lovers, why are the state’s counties trying to tax date night?

Currently, Virginians can vote to stop an increase in these types of taxes — but if a proposal in the state legislature gains traction, Virginians will no longer have a say in the matter.

Virginia’s 95 counties want the ability to raise taxes on more than just restaurants — they want to tax other attractions and hotels as well. That means the cost of date night, happy hour, or even seeing your favorite musician could go up without your vote.

Raising Taxes Without Your Say

Two bills in the Virginia state legislature would allow counties to raise taxes without a local vote. 

House Bill 785 and Senate Bill 588 would: 

  • Permit counties to raise meals taxes without a local referendum by more than 4%.  
  • Permit counties to increase lodging taxes beyond 2% without prior approval by the General Assembly, and to spend the money on services beyond tourism marketing.
  • Permit counties to adopt admission taxes without authorization from the legislature and beyond the current limit of 10%.
Virginians Don’t Want It

Virginians don’t want to foot a bigger bill for the same night out. Of the past 60 attempts to pass a meals tax in Virginia counties, 47 have failed with approximately 57% of voters opposing the initiatives.


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